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Wedding Cake Photo

Congratulations for your engagement!

It would be my pleasure to help capture the special moments on your wedding day.

I have been involved with photography for the past 40 years. I would like to bring my experience in framing and lighting to your special day.

Click here to see some photo's from 3 recent weddings, which captured some of the special moments from that day.

Pricing for Labor is as follows:
$150.00    Simple Wedding Ceremony Only
$350.00    Typical Wedding Ceremony & Reception
$550.00    Elaborate Wedding Ceremony & Reception

The cost of film and developing is separate.
$50.00    Labor Charge

A typical wedding uses the equivalent of 5 rolls of 24 Exposure 35 mm film (approximately 100 pictures). The cost of film and developing is approximately $20.00 per roll for a total of $100.00. This may vary depending on the amount of enlargements & copies you want. I have recently expanded my service to include the option of using Digital equipment. The advantage of digital is that you can only print the pictures you like. The cost of printing digital photos is currently $0.75 each. Therefore 100 digital prints would cost $75.00.

I use ABAR IMAGING CENTER  for my developing and/or printing service. You are also welcome to take care of the printing yourself.

The next step would be for us to talk by phone. At that time we can discuss your plans and determine how I can help you. I usually find that weeknights between 7:00 and 8:00 pm EST is a good time to have a conversation. E-Mail: to let me know if that works for you, or to suggest another time and I will call you.

E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

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