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Starport Cafe Poster

Welcome to Sky Productions

It’s Star Wars meets Cheers in this Sci-Fi spoof. It’s a bar on a Space Station – welcome to Starport, an aging alien space station on the outskirts of the galaxy, severely in need of maintenance. The Starport Café is a small bar where creatures, from around the galaxy, pass through for a drink. There’s a small group of regulars, who spend more time at the bar than they do anywhere else.

Sky Productions has been established to work in the field of Television Broadcasting &/or Film Production.

Two local people have come together on an unusual project. They took advantage of the COX Communications Public Access program to make a Television Program.

Working from a script written by Michael Gabriele (a local artist, musician & writer), Producer Scott M. Ehrenberg (a local architect, music & theatrical enthusiast) compiled a location, set, cast, wardrobe, make-up etc., and created a half-hour television sitcom.

They came across many trials and tribulations in the process of making Television. Producer Scott M. Ehrenberg decide that they needed to provide “The Making Of” Starport Café in order to explain some of the problems they had.

Now the project is complete and the two programs are on the air and expected to create quite a buzz in the Public Access arena.

Thank you for your interest.

E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

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21 Alexandre Road
Coventry, RI 02816