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Scott M. Ehrenberg brings you the services available from The Berg Company's

Team building is the most important part of managing property development.

If you have a single family or multi-family dwelling, there are always things that need maintenance or repair.

Commercial properties also need maintenance & repair.

Land can be developed in any way that the zoning of a particular State, City, or Town allows.

My service helps you develop your property in any State, City, or Town for the best use of your property.

Let me develop a team that can help you maintain your property!
Berg Property Management has been providing professional services since 1995. The proprietor, Scott M. Ehrenberg, has been managing personal properties since 1986.

Berg Design has been providing Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting services since 1983. Berg Design has successfully completed the design and/or construction of over 500 buildings to date.

Web Berg Design is the result of the experience obtained from companies that were previously known as BusinessOn Corporation and Ah Yes Computer and Internet Solutions. BusinessOn was connected to the internet within 2 months from the time that AOL(R) connected to the internet.

Sky Productions has been established to work in the field of Television Broadcasting &/or Film Production.

Team Building is something that I am always looking for. When your services and/or needs work together with my services we can build a team. My clients are as much a part of my team as my associates. When we all work together for a common goal everyone wins. When I am successful it is because everyone else that I work with is also successful. You will not get a better service , no matter how much you spend. My goal is to make sure that you get the services that you need at the lowest possible cost. I provide up-front pricing and professional quoting services to make sure that your properties are handled in a professional manor.

E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

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