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Property management to me is a big picture and every small detail.

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Please consider that even though Berg Property Management, LLC has been qualified to be a Bank Approved Vendor, my goal is to provide services to everyone. I have provided all kinds of services to many individuals in regard to Managing their Properties, in addition to Financial Institution Owned (REO) properties.

The following list of services are geared to give you a concept of the many ways I may be able to help you.

Determine scope of work, contract, schedule & inspect all work performed in any common area. This would include snow storage & removal, trash storage & removal, maintenance, repairs, improvements & landscaping.

Collect all rents, association dues, fees, or other charges that may apply. Make timely payments to all vendors, contractors, utilities, taxes & any other costs that are due from the association. For Condominium Associations & larger facilities this may also include general bookeeping services with quartly reports presented or issued to the board along with an Annual audit from a CPA and aplicable tax returns. Quarterly reports would also include projections for any projects planned for the following quarter.

Communications with all residents as needed. This will include both general and individual notices that may be required. It will also include addressing any individual matters that may arise.

Please let me know if any of these services are going to be handled by others &/or if there are any services that you desire which I have not listed.

My up-front pricing is always a way that I can help you with almost any property related service. Maintenance, Construction, Improvements and New Construction are all ways that any given property may develop.

Available Services

Initial Report

Lock Change


House Inspection Report


Snow Removal

Tenant Relations


Smoke Detector Inspections





Rent Collections

Remittance of Rents



Architectural Services


Berg Management has been providing professional services since 1995. The proprietor, Scott M. Ehrenberg, has been managing personal properties since 1986. Throughout the 20+ years, Scott M. Ehrenberg, has developed relationships with owners, tenants & sub-contractors in order to provide owners with exceptional services at the lowest possible cost. Realizing that the lowest price sub-contractor is not always the best choice, that advice is always available, with the reasons justified.

Integrity is always the basis for any manager. Integrity is something that starts at the top and trickles down to everyone in any organization. I, Scott M. Ehrenberg, will stand behind the integrity of every sub-contractor & will be glad to provide references for my own integrity.

Up-Front Pricing

Property Takeover/Acquisition:

Initial inspection with interior (if available) & exterior inspection report with digital photo's. $50.00

Tenant Relations - Initial and basic ongoing communications. $50.00/unit/month w/$100.00/month/property minimum.

Lock Changes - Keyed alike $30.00/lock installed. Plus, $50.00 for key box if not otherwise provided.

Tenant Evictions - Basic tenant relations from above plus specific eviction communications and correspondence. $30.00/hr., or $510.00 per Tenant maximum. plus, costs and attorney fees.



Ongoing Property Management (with or without tenants):

Basic property random security checks & basic ongoing tenant relations as needed. $50.00/unit/month w/$100.00/month/property minimum.

Collection of rent & remittance to owner. 10% of all income collected including rents and security deposits. Plus expenses.

New tenant acquisition - 1/2 of first months rent & 10% of all income collected including rents and security deposits. Plus expenses.


Initial property clean-up. $40.00/hr. plus expenses, or, by quote.

Ongoing yard work & trash removal (same as above).


Miscellaneous Services:

Board-ups; $50.00/window plus $30.00/lock plus $50.00 for key box.

Demolition; By quote.

Basic maintenance/repairs; $35.00/hr plus materials.

Architectural Services; by quote.

Construction Services; by quote.



You may be able to find cheaper services, however, I will promise you will not get a better service, no matter how much you spend. My goal is to make sure that you get the services that you need at the lowest possible cost. I provide up-front pricing and professional quoting services to make sure that your properties are handled in a professional manor.

Thank you for considering Berg Management for your property management needs.



Scott M. Ehrenberg

H/O = 401-397-9369

Cell = 401-263-0633

Available 24/7/365

Property Management, Architectural Design, Zoning, Construction, Repairs, Computer, Internet, Advertising Services, Training, Support, Seminars and related Real Estate Referrals.

Resume & references always available!


E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

The Berg Company's
21 Alexandre Road
Coventry, RI 02816