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The first thing I want to tell anyone that is considering my services is that "I can design anything I want", what I realy want to do is "Design what you want".

I firmly believe in function over form. If you have a particular form in mind, I will work with you to make it function for you.

Form can be the difference between a Ranch or a Colonial. Form could also be conforming to lot size and shape. Form could be determined by the landscape, like an Ocean, City or Mountain view.

So far my career has been split fairly evenly between Residential and Commercial. Both categories have been split fairly evenly between renovations or additions and new construction.
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Berg Design has been providing Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting services since 1983. Berg Design has successfully completed the design and/or construction of over 500 buildings to date.

I have been accepted as an expert witness in Providence (and many other Rhode Island Cities and Towns) for Building Code, Zoning, Fire Safety, Life Safety, Planing & Development, Coastal, Wetlands & Historical Society Review.

I have often mentioned to my clients that the word Berg in German stands for "Rock" or "Mountain". I believe that I design everything "like a Rock". My intension is to follow all of the building codes and Structural design criteria to be at or above the requirements without creating substantial additional costs.

For Architectural Design &/or Construction Management Services there is never a charge to meet with the owners to discuss the design criteria or project status.

A minimum charge of $500.00 plus printing costs applies to almost any AutoCAD service. You may be able to find cheaper services, however, I will promise you will not get a better service , no matter how much you spend. My goal is to make sure that you get the services that you need at the lowest possible cost. I provide up-front pricing and professional quoting services to make sure that your properties are handled in a professional manor.

E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

The Berg Company's
21 Alexandre Road
Coventry, RI 02816