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Welcome the Berg Company's Up Front Pricing!

The Berg Companies are comprised of the services available from Scott M. Ehrenberg
There is never a charge for an initial meeting to discuss any of the services that I can provide.

I, Scott M. Ehrenberg, am available to preform many services that you might be able to take advantage of.

Computer Hardware, software, network, technical support, training, website, internet etc.. $35.00/hour

This includes website construction, however, I can also provide an estimate for your overall website. A basic website can be created for as little as $350.00 (ten hours). This usually involves taking a website that you may have created using an automatic website generator and editing it in order to be able to make changes and additions. I can also help you by using an automatic website generator to crerate a basic webstie and editing it to meet your needs.

More extensive websites may go to 20 hours with secure online shopping, depending on the quantities of items that you are offering.

Specialized websites with original photographs, graphics and various types of animation, video, and audio will be at our normal hourly rate, or by quote as necessary.

Property maintenance, repair, emergency response 24/7/365. $35.00/hour

For a homeowner, or a property owner, that has basic construction/repair needs that will take less than a day to perform. Materials are always charged at cost. I do not sell materials, I only acquire them and install them as part of my service.

For projects that will definately take a full day, or more, there may be a Day Rate applied. Day Rates usually are applied at $200.00 per day, however, thare are some circumstances that they may be as low as $100.00, and others that may be at $250.00 or more.

Most residential services are provided at $35.00/hour or $200.00/day.

Landscaping (Yardwork) services are provided at $40.00/hour or by quote.

Please take a look at Property Management Services for more detailed pricing that may apply to Bank Owned (REO) properties.

Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting/Construction Management Services
For Architectural Design &/or Construction Management Services there is never a charge to meet with the owners to discuss the design criteria or project status.

Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting services are provided at the rate of $100.00/hour. You have to consider that I have over 25 years experience, with over 500 jobs completed! I only charge that rate for actual time spent providing AutoCAD services.

The cost of printing and copies is not included in the hourly rate. The owner(s) is (are) responsible for the cost of printing and copying the drawings that I provide in AutoCAD format. I usually send my drawings via. e-mail to Rhode Island Bluebrint, where they print and provide copies of my drawings. The cost is usually about $7.50 per page when at least 6 copies are requested. Six copies are usually enough to get through the bidding and permiting process. You can expect a printing cost of at least $60.00 to $200.00.

A minimum charge of $500.00 plus printing costs applies to almost any AutoCAD service.

E-Mail: Scott Ehrenberg

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